While the long summer holidays may be the envy of practically every other profession, from the perspective of many teachers and pupils it never quite feels long enough. But when your school reopens to let in its hungry young minds, what are you doing to set the right tone for this and to create an environment fit for attracting a new generation of children’s parents who are looking for the best place to send their kids next year?

There’s a significant psychological factor at play when you enter any building. If it looks scruffy around the edges, with chipped paint, broken railings and grimy windows, people will behave differently than if it’s clean and shipshape. If it’s somewhere they will be spending every day, the rough edges may well impact on emotions, behaviours and perceptions. For students, teachers and parents, the maintenance of a school building can feel like a reflection of the value you place on their comfort and education. No matter whether your school was chosen because of its academic performance or teaching style, neither would be as good without a supportive learning and teaching environment – and that includes the building’s overall appearance.

This is the perfect time of year to inspect windows before the colder weather sets in, to ensure that there are no cracks in any of the panes or seals, which may cause problems later on. Dust, dirt, pollen and all manner of grime can also accumulate on the window tracks and sills, heading inside when the windows are open, so these areas would benefit from a clean so that they don’t cause or add to visibility, illumination or health problems. Windows are huge dust magnets, which means that if they are not cleaned externally and internally, not only will they look dirty and impact on the level of natural light coming in, they can also impact on some allergies.

Natural light also has a huge part to play in our overall wellness and how alert we feel, making for a more productive classroom and positive attitude. Windows have a huge impact on any room – if they are smeared and opaque this cuts down the light coming in, but if they’re clean they let in as much natural light as possible. Clean windows mean longer hours of light, no matter the season, which means less reliance on artificial lighting and the sometimes significant cost of keeping your lights on longer, even in summer.

So, if you’re looking to get the most from your students, keep your electricity bills down and make your school look its best for the students and parents considering your school, then you might wish to consider now as the perfect time to call in a professional firm of window cleaners, adept at all forms of high-rise and commercial window cleaning.

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