One of the distinct advantages of living or working in a high-rise building is the amazing view that height can offer. But if your building is in a city, then the windows you look out through to see that view will not stay clean for long. Bird droppings, dust, pollution and pollen all stain, streak and dull your view and reduce the light your windows let in.

We ‘normal people’ rarely have an opportunity to mingle with the rich and powerful, let alone celebrities from screen and stage, but…

No, sorry to disappoint you, we’re still waiting for that invitation from David and Victoria. However, in the meantime we did get to clean the windows of some seriously rich and famous people this week in the first instalment of what has become a three-monthly contract on this exclusive apartment block overlooking the Thames.

I can’t tell you exactly where this block is, or who lives in those luxury apartments, because that would be unprofessional, but we know at least one A-list star who lives there (when I say ‘know’ I don’t mean personally, it’s more ‘know of’).

The job: two ultra-modern blocks, one over ten  storeys and the other just six storeys tall. right next to the River Thames, with glazed Juliette balconies on each apartment, stonework and steel cladding to clean as well, all the way up to the penthouses.

That’s a massive surface area to clean and we factored three weeks for a thorough job.

The management company explained to us that because of their ‘residents’, good was not going to be good enough. They expected only the best, with cleaning carried out at times that suited their residents and to a quality standard that had never been quite achieved by their previous high-rise window cleaners. They were not particularly negative about the former firm, saying they did an OK job, just not quite to the levels expected by the residents.

Using the cradle from the roof of the buildings and our water-fed poles we cleaned every window, glazed balcony and every inch of stonework and steel cladding on those buildings. We had to stop every so often because it’s dangerous to work from a cradle ten storeys up in a high wind, and with the building being so exposed there was little to slow the wind on a blustery day. But we got the job done on schedule and as planned.

The exposed position and central London location of this building means that the exterior of the building will be subjected to pollution, dirt and dust to a greater degree than most, and with very particular residents it will be important to maintain standards with regular cleaning.

This client has instructed us to return each and every three months to ensure that the windows, balconies and entire exterior of the building shines like new, because that’s what their residents expect. However, it’s good practice to ensure that your building, whether residential or commercial has its windows cleaned on a regular basis – for the look of the place, for the hygiene of the place and for the health and happiness of all who live or work within it.

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