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London Window Cleaners deliver a professional, reliable and environmentally-friendly window-cleaning service across residential, commercial and industrial projects. Being experts at what they do, means they are repeatedly hired as part of bigger projects that require an exceptional amount of skill and attention to detail. Whether it’s abseiling down the Gherkin or Leadenhall Building, or gliding through Ascot Racecourse, London Window Cleaners are the trusted choice for high-profile clients and high-end properties in and around Central London.

As a company that has completed more than 500 projects, it’s hard to imagine how it all began - with one man, one Nissan Micra and £300. Owner Levente Katona took his business from one having a single regular contract, to one that now has 25 regular commercial contracts - and it is continuing to grow.

The team’s ability to manage difficult projects, and to find the best and most cost-effective way to complete a job, means that clients can rest assured that the project in hand - no matter what the size - will be managed seamlessly from start to finish. With every window-cleaning method at the team’s disposal, and all the required health and safety training under its belt, clients are definitely in safe hands.

At the core of the business is an understanding that each and every property needs to be treated with care, and each has its own set of rules and timings. The team work all hours to fit around the job, to make it as easy and convenient as possible for their clients. So, whether you are searching for a window-cleaning service for your own home, or wish to hire a service for a commercial contract, get in touch. Levente and his team look forward to helping you.

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