We’ve always taken for granted that the best way to clean something is by using lots of chemicals – chemicals to dissolve the dirt, chemicals to give a deeper clean, chemicals to leave a longer-lasting shine – but what the experts have found is that it’s not what you add to the water that will make your windows cleaner than they’ve ever been before, it’s what you take out…

If your commercial or industrial window cleaners use tap water, no matter how cheap they may be, you might wish to reconsider your suppliers. Let me explain why. Tap water may be readily available, however, it contains trace amounts of sodium and calcium which are likely to leave streaks on your windows when they dry. And, no matter how good your window cleaners are, simply using tap water could also leave dirt and grime residue, meaning that the windows may not be as clean and clear as they could be.

To put the ‘super’ in your water you have to take something out

That’s why some window cleaners, those with a maverick streak for the innovative, decided to go a different way. The solution being deionisation – water that’s treated in a multi-stage filtration process to remove its minerals, creating a kind of super water. Because it’s free from all the minerals that could leave streaky residues, your windows will be left cleaner for longer. This is achieved with just the deionised water – no chemicals are needed. Therefore, not only are your windows the cleanest they can be, but you’ve also done a little to protect the environment as well.

Considering reducing your carbon footprint without compromising on quality of shine?

If your organisation is looking for ways to reduce its carbon footprint, to step up its environmental morality – for the planet, for the shareholders, for the eco-credentials it bestows on you in the eyes of your customers (hey, we don’t judge, the end results are all good), then you might extend this thought process to your choice of window cleaning services. High-rise buildings have massive surface areas of glazing to keep clean and each time you instruct a team to make your windows shine you’ll be paying the eco-price of litres of chemicals, gallons of tap water and the diesel fumes their vehicles emitted during their journey to you.

It might be time to consider a different way, a specialist high-rise window cleaning team that offers the right balance of an ecologically friendly approach, competitive pricing and squeaky-clean results every time. At London Window Cleaners we are proud to offer all of the above, dedicated to helping our clients reduce their carbon footprint without increasing their costs or compromising on the quality of our clean.

Our rainwater harvesting system reduces our need to use tap water and all the water we use goes through a complex deionisation process, our chemical-free service is clearly more eco-friendly, and our electric vehicles have zero emissions.

Essentially, we’re so eco-friendly that the only way the environment will know that we’ve been is through the sun reflecting a little brighter on your windows.

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