It has been a hellish time for the hospitality sector of late. Coronavirus has decimated the industry, with vacations and even staycations against the lockdown rules and most airline fleets grounded there was little most hotels could do but furlough their staff and hope for the best. However, with the Prime Minister’s promises of lockdown easing in the coming weeks and some in the hospitality sector looking for innovative ways to open up outdoor facilities to bring in at least some income, will your hotel attract or repel guests in a post-lockdown world?

Hygiene and cleanliness have never been so important

While we still don’t know when guests will be allowed to stay in hotels up and down the country, one thing is for sure – when they are, many will be hyper aware of the hygiene levels of the rooms, staff and food preparation in your hotel. It is, therefore, more important than ever to make sure that the first impression guests get when they arrive is one of cleanliness and care.

To make matters worse, with many of your staff likely furloughed over the last three months the usual high standards you uphold are likely to have slipped, even if just a little, at the same time as the standards expectations of the market have shifted upwards.

A post-lockdown clean is what’s called for

In the rush to get your hotel ready for guests, whether the kind who will stay or the kind who will visit your beer gardens and outdoor facilities, I’m sure industrial cleaning companies will be instructed to handle the hotel-wide refresh of rooms and indoor spaces before you reopen. However, it’s also important to not forget the windows on your world… the actual windows on and in your hotel.

Why it’s important to prioritise your windows

They make up a high percentage of the external façade of your buildings and if they are grimy the first impression you will give a guest is that your hotel is lacking in the hygiene standards they will be looking for.

Should your guests get through your doors, it’s the windows that will, of course, be flooding your reception area, your bar and your restaurant with natural light, inviting them in and to relax and stay… or maybe not. So, it’s just as important for your windows to be sparkly clean for this reason as well.

Under normal circumstances – and I think we can all agree this is anything but normal – but under normal circumstances, you’ll do all you can to make your guests feel comfortable, cared for and relaxed. The number one thing you can do to ensure they will feel this way, post-lockdown, is to make sure that your cleaning – inside and out – is to a higher standard than ever before, and when it comes to external cleaning, that’s where we may well be able to help you.

If your hotel’s windows, signage and external walkways require a deep clean to help you attract guests in post-lockdown London and the South East, then contact London Window Cleaners today on 020 3954 2900. 



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