You’re house-proud, you secretly (or maybe not so secretly) love the look on friends faces when they pop round for a socially distanced afternoon in the garden and are in awe of your home. So, what are you doing to make sure that this is guaranteed each time you have guests?

Pre-Covid-19, to ensure that you home was ready for visitors, you would no doubt have had regular cleaners to keep the place spotless, bought new interesting artwork as talking points, occasionally redecorated rooms to keep up with the latest trends, and, of course, put on an amazing spread.

However, as so few people can now enter your home it’s all about the exterior of your property today – how well manicured your lawn is, the colourfulness of your blooms, the majestic sweep of your shade-giving trees, and the cleanliness of the external features of your home.

Your windows, driveway, patio, tiling and gutters are all areas that can let down your perfect garden. But, for the first time, they are as important as the inside of your home, so it’s time to ensure that they are cleaned just as well.

The windows can obviously be polished to a sparkle by a decent professional window cleaner, but did you know that, depending on the firm you choose, they may also be able to clear your gutters, jet wash and seal your patios, pathways and driveways, and clean your roof and wall tiles?

The most versatile piece of equipment we have with us on any job is our jet washer. It’s so common these days that many forget just how dangerous they can be due to the pressure of the water forced out of the nozzle; however, with the right training they can clean the grit and growths from between paving slabs, remove the look of stains and weathering from stone, and clean the exterior of your home. At the wrong pressure or in the wrong hands a jet washer could not only cut into skin, but can damage windows, gutters and woodwork. In the right hands and at the right settings they can rapidly transform a tired, drab, dirty exterior into a space that’s fit and ready for your guests.

It also helps that we are fully trained in sealing your cleaned patio, pathways and driveway to protect them from dirt and degradation for far longer.

So, whether you invite friends and family round each weekend or have a special party planned for your garden, remember that it is still possible to get that satisfying look of awe from your guest’s faces if you dedicate a decent amount of time and effort to refreshing your home’s exterior… or you could just call in the professionals.

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