Working for a regular client on a 3-storey building of theirs in Finchley we came across a common problem for city-based windows – heavy limescale (mixed with pollution and dirt) that require a little more than our usual exceptional service.

This was not a tall property, so we got to work in the normal way for us on such a building. We turned up in our eco-friendly electric van, full of harvested rainwater, warmed to the perfect window cleaning temperature, filtered and deionised to remove all its sodium, calcium and minerals. This ‘super’ water is incredibly effective at cleaning windows without leaving any streaks, which means we don’t need to use any horrible chemicals to cut through the dirt and grime.

This building’s windows were especially bad, covered in water marks and white spots left from dried rain drops and as the building’s windows had probably not been cleaned in years this had been allowed to build up and build up.

Our first pass with the water fed pole and brush, our tool of choice on low-rise buildings, which works most of the time, was just not strong enough so we broke out the big guns, and by big guns I mean pumice. Pumice is the pitted volcanic rock some people have in their bathroom for exfoliation. For a window cleaner it’s that stone ground down to a fine powder and added to water to provide just enough abrasive power to remove calcium deposits without damaging a window or its frame.

Some might be tempted to use limescale remover on the windows, but as this is a chemical if it was to blow onto anything, or heaven forbid, into someone’s face it could cause damage. Pumice powder, on the other hand, is a natural substance and won’t harm anyone.

We had to apply the pumice infused water with a sponge by hand, but it did the job wonderfully.

This job had to be completed over three days as, we used the water-fed pole on the first day, the second time we went back the wind was just too strong, and the third time we used the pumice water and that worked a treat.

Our policy is always to only leave a job once we are happy that the windows meet our exacting standards. If they don’t after the first pass, we’ll come back and do them again. It’s a matter of pride in our work that we simply don’t compromise on.

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