In July we were called to a substantial home in Winchmore Hill. The owners asked if we could help them to clear, clean and seal their driveway and patio. While this may seem like a strange request for a firm of window cleaners, it’s not so, because the same equipment, health and safety training, and skills can be applied to other tasks, including the clearing, cleaning and pressure washing of driveways and patios.

London Window Cleaners are also fully trained to apply Smartseal products and this savvy customer already knew this was exactly what he needed because he found us via the Smartseal website as their closest authorised contractor.

The driveway

When we arrived we found that the customer had a large block paved driveway which had clearly been cleaned and sealed at some time – it turned out that it had been maintained approximately eight years ago. As a result, its condition was not too bad, though dirt from years of use and some weeds poking through meant that it was high time it was treated again.

We removed the flora from between the blocks, cleared away most of the dirt and then jet-washed the driveway, all of which took around half a day. We had to wait until the driveway was completely dry before applying Smartseal’s block paving sealer, which we did on another day after replacing the sand between the blocks.

The patio

This was the challenging part of this job. Our customer had lived in their house for at least 18 years, and in all that time the patio had never been professionally cleaned or sealed.

Their natural stone patio consists of two levels with a couple of steps in-between. The whole area was very dirty, with lots of algae, moss and lichen all over it, and a number of the slabs were unstable, possibly due to the fact that the grout between each slab had disintegrated over time – weeds now filled the gaps and were slowly pushing the slabs apart.

We used tile adhesive to stabilise the wobbly slabs, cut out the remnants of the grouting and weeds, jet-washed the slabs and, after a few days of drying time, freshly sealed it with Smartseal natural stone sealer.

The whole job took around a week to complete, but the results were transformational. Not only did the driveway and patio now look almost as good as new, the sealer will ensure that they remain so for quite some time to come.

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