Investors, how to maximise rental value in a quiet market

An empty property makes you no money – worse still, it will cost you from your profits as the mortgage, loans and maintenance bills will continue, whether you have a tenant or not. So, the most important thing to maximise …

Presale preparations for homeowners and estate agents

They say that moving home is one of the most traumatic experiences of an average person’s life. As we enter the second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic, I believe that sort of thinking may need to change. However, as someone …

Developers. Could cleanliness be the path to quicker sales?

As you know, selling a property is all about selling the dream of living in that property. As developers you spend a considerable amount of time and money styling show homes on muddy building sites for that very reason. You …

Diary of a high-rise window cleaner: Outdoor surface cleaning and weather sealing

In July we were called to a substantial home in Winchmore Hill. The owners asked if we could help them to clear, clean and seal their driveway and patio. While this may seem like a strange request for a firm …

How gutter neglect could lead to your next insurance claim

The guttering and downpipes on your home serve an important, if often undervalued and overlooked, purpose – to funnel rainwater from the roof to the drain on the ground without touching the walls of your home. But why should you …

Retailers. Post-lockdown, can a cleaner frontage increase your shop’s footfall?

When the high street reopens it may well be a very different place – every shop vying for attention to draw customers in, new social distancing regulations to adhere to, a change of face as some stores decide to transition …

Causes and cures for condensation on your windows

Little droplets of water or misting on your windows are not an uncommon sight in the colder months, but they shouldn’t be dismissed as just one of those things that comes with the season. If the problem causing the condensation …

Rainwater harvesting, the eco-friendly way to wash windows

As those who know us will already appreciate, we’re passionate about our eco-credentials, about using the most environmentally friendly way to keep the windows on your high-rise commercial or residential building spotless. One of the many ways in which we …

Landlords. Cleaner windows and façade, happier tenants. Why should you care?

As a landlord, of course you care about keeping your tenants happy and looking after your property. That being said, as a landlord, it’s vital that you always consider the commercial benefits of every expense or investment, from when to

5 ways the state of your office can impact on staff morale

What does your office look like, what does it feel like when you walk in? If there’s a feeling of dread hanging over the room, if the dust makes you sneeze and the smells make you wince, if the incessant

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Leading London to a cleaner future

London Window Cleaners are proud to receive ‘Go Ultra Low Company’ status. The initiative recognises businesses that are embracing electric vehicles (EVs) as part of a new scheme run by government and automotive industry campaign, Go Ultra Low.

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