As a landlord, of course you care about keeping your tenants happy and looking after your property. That being said, as a landlord, it’s vital that you always consider the commercial benefits of every expense or investment, from when to purchase new kitchen appliances and whether to redecorate at the end of a tenancy, through to the value of maintaining the exterior of your property, including its windows. And, when it comes to window and façade cleaning, there are some clear commercial benefits to ensuring that this is done on a regular basis.

Happy tenants want to stay longer

There’s something about a bright room that makes people feel happier and something about a dimly lit room that brings the mood down. If you want your tenants to stay longer to minimise the risk of vacant periods, then making them feel better about their home, inside and out, will help. Windows rapidly become covered in a film of dust and dirt, bird muck and pollution, especially in a city like London. And with every month that passes, the amount of light that can get through goes down by a small fraction. Leave it long enough and your light, bright, inviting interiors may become places that your tenants no longer wish to live.

Healthy tenants stay longer

There are many mental conditions that can be affected by the amount of sunlight you are exposed to. The most well-known of which is Seasonally Affective Disorder, or SAD for short. As the name suggests, in the long winter months, some people feel more anxious, lower, less happy with their lives. We’re not suggesting that window cleaning is a cure, that would be silly, but the brighter your interiors are, the less your tenants will feel the effects of lack of sunlight on their mental health. It’s also important to mention that Vitamin D is another vital ingredient of health and wellbeing. And, while you can get supplements if you are low (and according to doctors many of us are), the best and easiest way of absorbing more vitamin D is to expose yourself to more sunlight.

Loved tenants stay longer

No, you don’t have to send them flowers or Valentine’s Day cards, just show them that you care about them, that you value them and that they matter. You can do this is many ways, but one would be to ensure that the property you rent to them is kept in the best condition possible – ensuring that damaged roofing is fixed, blown light bulbs in communal areas are replaced, leaf-full guttering is cleared and, yes, dirty windows are cleaned. What impression do you think you’d be giving a tenant if you left the property to fester? Make them feel at home and they’ll stay longer.

Create a tenant-attracting first impression

If you’re looking for a tenant for your new investment or to replace one whose tenancy is up soon, you’ll want to be sure that you’ll: a) attract the right people, b) convince them that it’s worth what you’re asking for and maximising what you can ask for, and c) that your property, inside and out, converts an interested prospect into a tenant. First impressions count and if the outside of your building is grubby, then prospects might not even make it to the front door before rejecting your property. Keeping it clean and tidy gives you and your agents the best chance of letting your property for what it’s worth.

As professional window cleaners, we not only clean windows, but we clean them on high-rise blocks or houses, maisonettes or penthouses, and we also can clear gutters, clean glass or cladding on facades, jet wash pathways and more.

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