What does your office look like, what does it feel like when you walk in? If there’s a feeling of dread hanging over the room, if the dust makes you sneeze and the smells make you wince, if the incessant noise is distracting and the dim light gives you a headache, then it might be time to suggest to your employer than things need to change.

It should be every employers goal to increase the turnover of the business, but this can only happen as a result of the efforts of those who work for them. Boost morale and productivity increases – leave morale to dip and productivity will drop like a stone.

There are many ways to improve the state of your office to improve morale, but as we’re high-rise window cleaners we’ll stick with the one that we know best, how cleaner windows can impact on your bottom line.

Natural light

Natural light is so important to a person’s mood, health and morale, but this is one thing that’s all too often overlooked in the workplace. Have you ever noticed that people seem happier when the summer sun is shining, when they’re soaking up the sun’s rays? Or how their mood shifts when they walk into a dingy, dark, office for work? It’s not just the fact that they’re at their 9–5 that gets them down, it’s that we all need natural sunlight to function to our best – something too few employers recognise, to their detriment. Natural light can lift a mood, make people feel more alive, recharge their morale batteries and even increase productivity.

Health benefits

Vitamin D can come from many sources, but sunlight is one of the most natural. Just standing in the sun, soaking up its warmth means that you are slowly bathing in health-boosting vitamin D. And vitamin D is something that most people in the UK are both lacking in and require for their health. Natural light offers both physical and mental health benefits – banishing Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) from those who suffer from mood dips in the autumn and winter, which in turn can affect others around them and the general environment of the office.

Reduce sick days

Healthier people take fewer sick days. We take over 140 million sick days between us in the UK each year. That’s a lot of work that’s not being done, relationships not being fostered, customers going un-cared-for and businesses suffering. It may be a small step in the right direction but more natural light and higher office morale will reduce sick days, both genuine and of the other variety.

Show that you care

An employer who shows that they care about their staff is an employer who people want to work for, who people will go the extra mile for – an employer who engenders loyalty and dedication. So, an employer who creates a great environment for their staff to work in is far more likely to get the most from those staff. Clean, clear windows are one way in which they can achieve this – flooding the office with warmth and light is an excellent step in the right direction.

A clean office is a happy office

Happiness may not be the first thing on every employer’s mind when they’re thinking about their quarterly figures and the board’s latest demands, but if you make a room brighter, both mentally and physically, just watch how the mood lift impacts on staff commitment, on team building and on the work that’s put in for you.

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