Kingsland is a 31-store shopping centre in the centre of Dalston, Hackney. It’s busy, really busy, as a centre of retail in the area located on the high street, which also happens to be the busy A10. And it’s opposite the Dalton Kingsland rail station while being just down the road from Dalston Junction station. Needless to say, the footfall around and inside this building is significant and, as high-rise window cleaners, the people beneath our ladders and equipment are always a health and safety factor to consider.

We were tasked with cleaning the inside and outside windows of the shopping centre, a three-week project, which may seem like a simple task until you note how high some of those windows are.

It can be a challenge when relying on others

This project was won through a contractor partner who required a specialist for the job while they took care of the other cleaning needs of the centre. However, this was also a textbook case of what could go wrong when you rely on others.

We have our own specialist equipment and excellent relationships with a number of platform hire companies if we need that extra bit of height on a project, but on this job the contractor decided to hire the equipment they thought we might need to clean the windows on the inside of the shopping centre which included a glazed roof area three storeys above the shopping area. They hired eight different machines but due to the positioning of stalls in the main concourse areas, none of these machines were suitable for the job.

The windows were grubby, inside and out, and looked as though they had not been cleaned for some time – due to its location next to a busy road and in Greater London, of course, there was always going to be more pollution, dust and dirt. That’s why our City clients often need to have us back more often than others to keep their windows sparkling.

A little elbow grease

In the end this project just required a little extra elbow grease, a little extra effort. We were able to clean the glazed pyramid roof from the flat roof that surrounded it. The windows on the outside of the building were reached by our exceptionally long pole and brush system, though it did require several passes over a week to get the quality of cleanliness that we were happy with.

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