As those who know us will already appreciate, we’re passionate about our eco-credentials, about using the most environmentally friendly way to keep the windows on your high-rise commercial or residential building spotless. One of the many ways in which we do this is through rainwater harvesting.

Every drop of water we use on your windows will have gone through a complex water purification process to make the H2O we bring to use as clean and mineral free as possible. But it’s where this water comes from in the first place that we’re going to talk about today.

What’s wrong with tap water?

Well, nothing really: it’s a resource trusted by most people most of the time. There have been some minor scares about quality for human consumption and contamination, but we’ve not had one of those in a while. However, no matter how abundant water may seem, it is still a limited resource and the amount of energy, effort, money and chemicals required to prepare your tap water for consumption is surprisingly large. Window cleaning also uses vast volumes of water, so we do our bit to reduce the strain on the system by ensuring that as little of our water comes from the tap as possible.

Rainwater harvesting is not a new concept. For years people have been collecting rainwater via existing run-off systems such as roofs and guttering, funnelling the rain into large tanks from which to water plants or even to take themselves off the grid as much as possible while reducing water bills. Rainwater is also naturally lower in chemicals and minerals which many gardeners believe is better for their crops. But what does this have to do with high-rise window cleaning?

Here at London Window Cleaners we have also been harvesting rainwater for years, storing it in our 1,000ltr tank before passing it through our filtration process to purify it and remove any of the minerals that could exist in it before pumping it into our vehicles for the day’s work. We still use tap water on occasion when rainfall has been low or demand high, but this needs to go through a separate, heavier-duty filtration process to ensure that the water is pure enough for us to use on your windows, which takes more time, so there are many layers to this.

At London Window Cleaners we only use filtered deionised water to ensure a streak-free finish, we clean to a shine without using chemicals, we use rainwater to reduce the strain on the mains drinking water system and we even turn up to you in an electrical vehicle to ensure that we are doing our utmost to be one of London’s most environmentally friendly high-rise window cleaning firms.

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