As you know, selling a property is all about selling the dream of living in that property. As developers you spend a considerable amount of time and money styling show homes on muddy building sites for that very reason. You want buyers to be able to project themselves forward in time – to ignore the building site and imagine themselves coming home from work to a cosy living room, relaxing in a warm bath or sleeping in on a lazy Sunday morning, and you want them to imagine this happening in one of your properties.

Show homes are pristine – they are carefully designed to suit a buyer’s aspirations for their home, with every piece of furniture, wine glass, and doormat painstakingly selected for the job. The most minute detail has been considered, or should be, in the knowledge that developing the feeling of ‘home’ in a prospective buyer’s mind is a fragile thing. If anything is out of place it could mean the difference between a sale and your money being tied up in unsold plots month after month, leaving you unable to move forward with your next development.

This perfection, the sale of an ideal, can be hindered by something as simple as dirt. I’ve already mentioned the muddy building site – when buyers walk into a show home they have to suspend the reality of what they have just seen and absorb the vision they walk into. This can only happen if everything is clean and shiny, from the cutlery on the staged dining table to the windows that will one day look out onto their new neighbourhood. With plant equipment and builders working around the site, rain splashing up the mud, and cars driving by sloshing up puddle dirt, your show home windows will quickly get mucky, so it’s important to have a professional team of window cleaners ready to spring into action.

And, when the site is complete and the properties are all waiting for their new owners to discover them, there will be a sea of windows that all must be kept ‘show home’ clean to entice prospective buyers into imagining themselves living there. Of course, the amount of mud will be reduced once the roads are laid and the front gardens landscaped, but dust, dirt, pollution and nature’s little gifts (bird droppings), will still have the ability to turn that new home feeling into a less than desirable look.

Just imagine showing a family around their potential new home. They’ve come back with their kids for a second viewing, but the little girl’s bedroom window, the one with the views across to the park, is partially obscured by the massive bird droppings streaked across them. The ‘eww’ factor could be enough to place a smidgen of doubt in their minds… They remembered the view from their first visit, but now all they walk away with is a vision of the dirt. It’s a tiny thing, but we all know that people buy with their hearts more than they buy with their heads and small things can put them off.

Once again, having a team of window cleaners on call to ensure that all of your unsold properties are looking their best, from the polished windows, jet washed guttering, pathways and driveways, to the signage and hoardings outside your development to entice and guide buyers in, means you can make the right first impression to maximise your chances of making those all-important sales.

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