From warehouses, factories and sports centres to high-street stores, shopping centres, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, medical centres and offices, maintaining the exterior of your property so it’s clean and hygienic looking will be vital this winter.

After the year we have had so far, I bet you can probably imagine a few of the reasons we’re going to talk about already, but while Covid-19 may be the inspiration for several of them, we look beyond the pandemic to some infinitely practical reasons as to why you should be ensuring that the exterior of your commercial premises is jet washed at least once this winter (and possibly several times).

  • REASON #1: To make the right first impression.

Not all commercial premises have clients, patrons, patients or customers visiting them, but if yours does, you need to keep in mind what impression the exterior of your premises gives to those whose money keeps your business going. First impressions count – they can keep diners walking on by rather than walking in, give clients the impression you’re not the sort of company they’d like to do business with and – well – you get the picture… In a time when many businesses have seen a fall in trade it’s important to maximise your opportunity to entice in those customers who are left (or at least not scare them away). Jet washing and cleaning signage, cladding and exterior facades can help you to create that right first impression.

  • REASON #2: To give the impression of cleanliness and hygiene

Covid-19 has separated society into three camps – those who bizarrely don’t think it affects them, those who are so nervous that they rarely leave the house, and the vast majority of the rest of us who are aware and wary. If you welcome guests (hotel, restaurant, café or sports centre/activities) then you’ll want to give them the impression that you have taken Covid-19 seriously, that you are a safe place for them to come to. The more you evidence this, the more customers you will attract in. Shiny shop windows, an absence of graffiti, grime-free signage and clean and clear pathways will help you to show how seriously you take people’s need to feel safe in a pandemic.

  • REASON #3: To comply with health and safety

Slip and trip hazards are literally accidents waiting to happen. Jet-wash cleaning the exterior of your premises can wash away slippery mud and grease, rubbish and divots. And jet washing and clearing gutters can prevent blockages that could result in overflows and icy pathways in wintertime.

  • REASON #4: To manage workforce morale #1

It’s not just those who contribute to your turnover who need to be convinced of your seriousness when it comes to creating a Covid-safe environment – your workforce will be just as demanding. Many will be nervous to return to, or remain in, work when coronavirus cases are rocketing upwards as they are expected to do throughout the winter. So, if you want a motivated workforce in the numbers needed to keep your commercial premises open, then you’ll need to evidence that you are an employer who understands their worries. Jet washing to clean the entire exterior of your premises – windows, cladding, pathways, car parks, signage – will make staff feel better about coming to work.

  • REASON #5: To manage workforce morale #2

Showing you care goes beyond Covid-19. To get the most from your staff you need to convince them of two fundamental things: 1) that you value them, their health and their wellbeing, and 2) you care about creating a workplace environment they will feel proud of and in which they will be comfortable and happy. The result will be more productive, more committed staff who are more likely to become advocates for your business.

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